CASAA position ("white") papers?
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Thread: CASAA position ("white") papers?

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    Default CASAA position ("white") papers?

    Looking for -

    1) CASAA position paper(s) re: possible nat'l (US) or state/local interstate sales ban re: e-liquids - "water soluble liquids containing nicotine at more than 1mg/ml" or vaping equipment - "any device intended or marketed in order to facilitate the vaporization of e-luquid" (justified by: [a] protecting minors c.f. PACT act; [b] evading state regulation and taxes; [c] protecting the health of vapers; or [d] minimizing the [alleged] harm to society by the [alleged] health consequences of vaping. (Italicized quoted sections are simply my off-the-cuff attempts to provide specific descriptive language.)

    2) Same Q as above for taxation of both e-liquids and vaping equipment.

    3) Same Q as above re: state, local and federal regulation (or prohibition) of vaping supply B&M stores (same justifications as above).

    Do they exist, and where do I go on the site to find them?

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