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Thread: any coupon code?

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    Default any coupon code?

    was looking to try the elite 808.would anyone recomend this?

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    I believe based on the reviews I have read about it that I would Highly recommend it, I plan on getting one myself here very soon.

    Check out this review here:

    DonDaBoomVape is considered to be a very well versed authority on PV's

    Currently i do not believe there are any coupon codes for Cigeasy, but there prices are very low so there is really no need for one.

    Hope this helps;
    Nate aka Darth Vapor
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob87 View Post
    was looking to try the elite 808.would anyone recommend this?
    Be sure to check out SSV2's review on The Elite as well:

    My own review of The Elite 808 Kit

    I carry the Go-go and The Elite with me at all times (I like to alternate between a couple of flavors) and I can't say enough good things about it so I'll let DonDaBoomVape and SSV2 say them for me.

    As far a coupon codes go ... $49.95 for The Elite kit:

    2 Elite batteries
    5 Elite 2ml cartos
    1 USB charger
    1 AC wall adapter
    plus a 10ml bottle of your favorite e-liquid

    ... is a tremendous bargain.

    I never thought any PV could replace my Go-go. And I was right. The Elite's just right along side.

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