The iClear 30, another clearmoizer that I want to like.
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Thread: The iClear 30, another clearmoizer that I want to like.

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    Default The iClear 30, another clearmoizer that I want to like.

    So it's been a month since I began my vaping journey. I've really enjoyed everything I've purchased so far, even if it didn't work out for. It's a live and learn type of thing and I feel like even if I blow money on a product that isn't working out, I've learned what I do and don't want in a tank/mod/juice.

    My time spent with the DCT carto has been great. They're not versatile, they don't lend well to trying out new juices. They are what they are and for what they are, they work great for me when I find a nice juice that I want to vape for a few hours. I haven't had "too" many bad cartos. One out of 5 that I've used have been a bust, and since they're not expensive I don't cry about it. I just remove it, curse the waste of juice, put in a new one and vape on. They're like that great guy/gal. A little boring, but consistent and reliable.

    My time spent with the V-Core 2.0 split wick tank was a love/hate relationship. I loved that the draw was nice, great taste, no spit-backs. But for the life of me, once I get that tank tightened down on my Tesla and then remove it, I cannot get that bottom tank to loosen up so I can refill it. Dear Manufacturers, please reverse thread these things. Way too easy to overtighten and end up with just a pretty tank that is no longer refillable. Oh, and another thing, people complained that the wicks frayed too much when trying to thread them through the holes? You went and put plastic sleeves over the wick ends. You put them on way too tight and when you try to remove the plastic sleeves, they break that delicate wick. You don't need sleeves. Just slightly dampen the wick ends in your juice and twist between your fingers. Just one more clearo I wanted to like, but just can't deal with the drama.

    Mini Vivi Nova: I honestly can't like this one at all. Airy draw. Finicky threading. Half the time I attach it to my Tesla I get the dreaded 9.9 ohm. I'll go in and adjust the atomizer. Remove atomizer, put it back in. Replace it. Clean it. You name it. When more than half the time I can't get my device to read it, it's not worth the fuss. It doesn't hit well enough to make it worth fiddling with.

    Today, the iClear 30. Can you tell I really want to find a nice wick tank? I love the idea of wicks. When they work, they work beautifully. When they don't... it's a Greek tragedy. I filled mine up to the max line readout and got two great hits. Then the gurgling. The spitback. The leaking out of the bottom onto my two week old Tesla. I can't figure out what is going on with it. Why put that max fill line on there if none of them seem to want to work well (if at all) when filled to that? I did enough searches to find out that too many people have issues with these things if they're filled up to that line. So I clean it up, clean up my Tesla, blow out the iClear to get the juice out of it. Take out a bit of the juice as well and it hits well. Since that point, I've been ok with it, but at this point I'm almost afraid to refill it even to below the max fill line. I love the taste, I don't think there's any problems with mine on that front. But I'm leery about it now.

    My local B&M will be getting their Protanks in today. I'll be getting one to try it out. I know one day I'll find something out there that I can trust. I've been dripping lately, as well and have an HH.357 on the way. I'm just a bit frustrated that I cannot seem to find that "perfect" tank for me, just yet.

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    Like with many juice delivery devices, the iclear30s can be... finicky.

    If you didn't go over the top fill line and are still getting gurgling and leaking, try loosening the top cap slightly. The iclears are sensitive to their seals. If the coil is tightened properly to the base you'll be fine. That's one seal. The other seal if where the driptip/topcap meets that white interior cap. Too loose, leakage. Too tight, too much pressure, leakage.

    As with most things Innokin, snug and not tight, is the key phrase.

    I love both my iclear30 and iclear16s, and I liked them even better when I figured these things out It's all trial and error with most juice delivery devices. Let me know if this solves your troubles.

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    yikes. i just glossed over the long post, but as far as tanks go iclear30 is my fav.

    if you think vivis are airy, you'll hate protanks
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    Here is some advise.

    Iclear30 simply does not have enough flavor but the vapor is unmatched but has leak issues.

    Vivi Nova has excellent flavor and ok vapor but I have had a few leak issues.

    The Protank had ok flavor and vapor and has never leaked but the wicks don't last long and are harder to rebuild then the above.

    I bought some of the vcore vivi and I will let you guys know how it works for me.

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    Edit..on pc now,so will post question to it's own thread.
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