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Thread: Question about iClear clearos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyi View Post
    I dry burn my iClear coils when they get gunky/burnt tasting. Hot water doesn't get rid of everything! What I do is after I clean the tube and wicks with water, I dry the wicks with a paper towel, blow out the middle, then attach the base to my PV without the tube or rubber top thingy. I pulse the battery for a few seconds at a time, stopping for a minute to let it cool when it starts to get really hot. You should see the black stuff on the coils starting to burn off and the coil will eventually turn bright orange. When the entire coil can turn orange, it is done. I let it cool before reattaching the rubber top seal and tube. These coils are very easy to dry burn and clean imo.
    Awesome suggestion. Thank you!!

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    I use the iClear 16 and 30 and have my atomizer heads last for weeks on end with no problems or burnt taste. every 15-30ml of liquid I soak them in very hot water and vinegar, then another soak in just water to make sure no vinegar is left over.

    I love them and think Innokin built some quality products
    Innokin SVD with iClear 16 2.0ohm and iClear 30

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