Protank SO much better with an ego cone!
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Thread: Protank SO much better with an ego cone!

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    Default Protank SO much better with an ego cone!

    A buddy gave me his protank a while back, and I was never a fan of it, right after receiving it, the threads snapped off from the was decommissioned for a while until I bought a new base plate. Then when I started using it again on my Vision Spinner, I never really liked the experience, it always flooded, and the draw was just weird to me.

    Well, I just recently ordered a protank 2 for use with my k100 that is on the way now! While waiting, I stole the cone from the 2 to use [because I do not want to devirginize my 2 with my spinner, I want the k100 to pop its cherry... ] and WOW! What a difference that made! The draw is now perfect for me, I have no fears of having it in my pocket while at work and finding the threads broken, and no more flooding either! Plus it looks soooo much better on top of my spinner...

    Now I just have to wait a few more days for my k100 to get here!

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    I'd never not use my cone with my Spinner.. My vivi nova snapped off after 10 minutes in my back pocket.

    Plus it looks awesome and flush
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    My Protank won't draw without the cone/beauty ring on. It's too airy with the cone and without it; it's a wind tunnel.