Hey All,

I just thought I'd let you all know that it is very possible to build a dual coil inside the standard Kanger style bottom coil coil head assembly, because I've pulled it off successfully 3 times.

The way I did it was to take 2 wicks weave some 32 gauge kanthal in a figure 8 pattern between them. It makes for a much fuller and stronger hit with more vapor production. I usually get 4 wraps on top and 3 wraps on bottom, getting 2.1 ohms. But I have learned that the kanthal must be laid carefully because if you have to move it around once its on the wick, its going to make a real mess of the wick. Also to be sure of wrapping the kanthal tightly and equidistantly to avoid hot spots.

The only issue I sometimes have is that after vaping a while, the airflow stiffens quite a bit, though its not flooded. But just running a couple eye droppers full of everclear through it clears it right up to the usual airy draw of a ProTank.