Kayfun no longer wicking... HELP PLEASE??
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Thread: Kayfun no longer wicking... HELP PLEASE??

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    Default Kayfun no longer wicking... HELP PLEASE??

    I have a Kayfun clone that I have been using for the past several months... I always use the same build, 32g kanthal, 10-12 wraps and installed vertically. I also always vape the same juice which is Vanilla Custard by VCV at 100% VG. All of the sudden my kayfun isn't wicking. I use cotton wicks and it just isn't staying wet like it always did before. I don't understand because I've not changed anything. Please tell me if anyone has had this problem and any suggestions to fix it. I did put a few drops of distilled water in the juice to thin it a bit and still have the problem. Tell me what ya'll think......

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    There's nothing that's changeable other than wick, coil, juice, air flow and voltage. If you've not changed wick, coil or juice in any way, then you've reduced tank vacuum, or increased voltage.

    • Air flow, where you're not producing enough vacuum to maintain adequate pressure differential. A tank air leak could also contribute to this condition... but would be (should be) visible.
    • Voltage, where you are vaporizing so much liquid that the wick can't keep up.
    • FM.

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