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    This is a review of 4 flavors from

    I just got in 12 flavors from, this is a new juice supplier she just opened her site about a week ago. All the juices she sent me both tobacco, bakery types, and fruit types are clear pretty much, the snickerdoodle has a orange/yellow color to it though, they are all 80vg/20pg as well…my samples are also all 18mg nic strength. I am vaping them on a eGo passthrough with a LR atomizer, direct dripping using a drip tip. all the samples are in 6ml clear dripper bottles with clear labels. The name, nic strength, and expiration date are printed on the labels in white. it seems she set her expiration dates from a year when the juice was originally mixed and packaged.

    In the name of full disclosure I will let you know that I created her site for her, and as part of the payment for that she gave me some juice. So really i was not given juice but I worked for it. As always this does not sway my opinion in any way.

    Lets get down to it!

    Menthol Rustica. She sent me 2 Rusticas, menthol and non-menthol. I must say they are very good! The methol rustica has a sweet menthol smell to it when uncapped, I can’t smell any tobacco in it at all really. Put a few drops on my atty and fire it up, it takes about 5 or 6 drops to get the atty good and wet. although this is 80% vg the juice is kind of thin, probably works very well in carts or CE2′s.

    The vapor production is great, plumes of nice vapor. the throat hit is pretty good as well, this comes i think from the combo of 18mg nic and the menthol. the menthol is not overpowering (but definitely there) and its not an icey spearminty menthol either, it is a tad sweet. i do get the tobacco flavor in the juice but it is not super strong like i like it. i think it is a good balance of both tobacco and menthol, not a robust flavor, more sweet to my taste buds. Bottom line is I like it, and I have tried lots of the top vendors juices, this may be my favorite menthol tobacco. She sent me about a dozen flavors all together of all different types and i have vaped this one the most, im actually almost out of it, have about a 1 ml left lol

    Gummy Bear. This is one of those flavors I think “man my wife will like this” although she doesn’t vape I make her try some juice that I get cause I think it’s fun to watch her try it. She loves haribo gummy bears so this was right up her alley and she thought it was pretty spot on with the flavor. I am not so much into the flavor vapes, I much prefer tobacco’s, but this really is pretty decent. Just like the other juices it has great vapor production. This one has a little less throat hit as expected from a more fruity juice. It does taste like a good ol’ gummy bear though, it will get those taste buds and salivary glands goin in a hurry. not my bag really but it is a good quality juice.


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    Thank you for the review

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    I ordered from Sweet Vapes about a month ago. They ship fast but the prices are high. I ordered Vanilla cupcake, Vanilla custard, Snickerdoodle and Starbuckets Latte. The only one I like is Snickerdoodle, it's very good but a coil clogger even with a 50/50 mix. The other flavors are duds but the worst is Starbuckets Latte. I won't ever order any of this juice again.

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