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Thread: where can i buy a hybrid from croatia?

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    Default where can i buy a hybrid from croatia?

    please help me !I have problems that raidy say this is here patend then we have a atomizer since many years and the real patend for all e-cig have ruyan and why raidy say this is my patend the a tanks system come from jucie box and from the GG why can raidy say this is my patend ??This is not correct !

    i want a hybrid i smoke so much analog and only the hybrid can help for hardcore smoker not ego or other chiina atomizer they are not so good and is not good for healthcare .hybrid from croatia is comfortable longlife smoking and the best system in the world !why canni not order help me please.

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    Hi rico

    Hybrid is made by ECF member "peaceoffcake"
    Try send him a message and he will sort it out for you.
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