10ml DV now available from TW UK
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Thread: 10ml DV now available from TW UK

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    Default 10ml DV now available from TW UK

    A wide range of flavours in 3 strengths, now available in 10ml bottles from TW UK here

    Ideal for sampling flavours you're not sure you'll like, without the hassle of mixing (hassle? I don't know - some people seem to think it is ) - noone wants to get stuck with a big bottle of something that turns out to be disagreeable (so now you can get stuck with lots of small ones instead j/k)

    Don't forget to use the January sale coupon code to get 20% off - "NY2011", valid until the end of the month.

    Several crates of these are en route to the US too, but unlikely to arrive in time for the January sale I'm afraid - sorry guys, but rumour has it the yoyo sale will be coming back sometime soon, so you can hopefully make some great savings when that happens (and laugh at the Brits who only got 20% off )

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    10ml is just a tease.
    Your juice is the absolute best...thanks for returning Mentholyptus to its rightful place among the "available" in pre-mixed.

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