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I have been thinking about bringing my vaping days to a halt or at a least a serious slow down. I ordered two Itaste VV3 from Nettmix Vapes last night asked today if they would cancel my order and reverse the charges, since I have not received any email on this order indicating that it was processed. They told me they have a no return policy if the item is not defective and that they already mailed the package. Well, I never received an email that the package has been mailed and usually other online vendors will let me know with a confirmation number. So, I don't believe this package has been shipped. Please, when buying vaping supplies, check out the store's return policy. Would it be okay to refuse shipment when it arrives? I won't be doing business with Nettmix Custom Vapes again.
Sorry to hear that, but what does this have to do with Discount Vapers? I've never had a problem with DV. Ever.