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Thread: Can you beat best deal I've found on disposables?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerrymi View Post
    Well...I like disposables for "back-up" (clearos dirty, batteries need charged, etc.), to give out to friends "thinking about" trying vaping and because it's so incredibly easy to just stick a couple in my pocket when heading out the door to the grocery store, etc.

    I did try an Njoy. It's battery life was about the same as the Fling.

    But Njoy...$9.99 (+ 7% PA. tax) vs. Fling...$29.95/10 (+$4.99 ship/order)
    I like them for when I'm out too, but last week I left the house 2 new and 1 barely used minis, and killed 2 in about 2 hours after dinner. I wasn't vaping heavy.
    There are disposables in almost every quick stop now, so I don't bother giving them away anymore.
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    Now that I've bought a few rounds of the Mini Flings I can say that the battery life can vary quite a bit.
    Some of mine have lasted longer than expected, and some have not lasted very long at all.

    I'm probably not going to buy any more though, and I think it was just a phase I was going through.
    I didn't know at 47 years of age I still went through "phases".

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    I quit smoking with Flings, loved 'em, still have a few. Without their "summer sale" they cost me about the same as cigs. Fortunately I now have a couple of e-Gos, a couple of G6s, juices, etc. I bought WC cartridges (5 for $10 plus shipping) in my favorite WC flavors. Then I discovered it's much cheaper to fill a Boge or SmokTech cartomizer (love the 1.7 oHm LRs) with similar flavors bought in bottles. "Cin" flavor (redhots) was easy to replace. I quickly found a couple chocolate mint fluids I prefer over Snap. I thought I liked WC Espresso until I tried a few fluids I like better. I tried to duplicate WC tobacco flavors until I found Halo's Tribecca, which is definitely not a match, but I prefer it over all of WC's. I'm still trying to match Zero-K. I can't decide what's in there besides peppermint and lots of "koolada", but there's something else... THAT is the only one I still have "Clear Draw" cartridges of. Eventually I'll match it, then I won't need $4 for a Fling or $2 for a cartridge - just 35-60 cents or less for a full cartomizer of my own, depending on the flavor and source. :-)

    I'll always be appreciative of WC, but I won't be customer any more unless they start selling fluid. I'd pay plenty for a jug of Zero K!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthmayhem View Post
    Don't know about the quality of these, but it was the cheapest that i could find.

    Disposable Elips Ecig | Clear Sky ECigs

    2.50 a piece or 1.50 if you order in groups of ten. Free Shipping.
    12 or 18 mg regular or menthol.
    Couldn't find any ordered 10 to try (they're certainly cheap enough and I like to keep a couple disposables around for back-up or to stick in my pocket when I'm heading out the door).

    I got the Menthol 1.2%. On 0-10 scale...Taste 10, Throat Hit 5, Vapor 10. Their oval shape is strange but since they have a soft tip are nice to "chew" on.

    Have already ordered more.
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