Still testing out my variety pack of White Cloud Flings. I was a bit worried about the XXTRA since the XTRA and the Full themselves have such harsh throat hits and nicotine content, but I have to say, if you smoke mainly for the sake of the nicotine, the XXTRA is the way to go. You can just take little draws and less draws and you get just as much nicotine and the cig will last so much longer. I believe they have their ten for ten sale going on until the end of October and I'm thinking of stocking up on XXTRAs since for me, big puffs of vape aren't that important, but getting a little nicotine hit to perk me up is. By the way, and I've mentioned this before, if you've tried the NJOY King save the little plastic box it comes in because the Flings fit nicely inside of it.