153 proof abc grain vodka
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Thread: 153 proof abc grain vodka

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    Default 153 proof abc grain vodka

    im trying to get more throat hit without adding more nic. i tried with some 80proof crap, didnt do a thing. so i went out to buy some 153proof abc grain vodka.

    am i good to go mixing some of this in my diy juice? i use 5ml bottle with a 50/50 mix of 36mg nic and vg. so how much approximately can i safely add without a flash from teh atomizer w/ the alcohol?

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    I'd recommend getting some Tobacco Absolute to make up for the loss in kick that you are experiencing from the addition of the VG - This is the same stuff they put in to give the tobacco flavor to begin with - 1 drop in that 5ml should do the trick - Also switching to PG should help - The VG is smoother as a rule

    Here is a link to a US supplier in New Orleans
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