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Thread: TPA Red Bull

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    I'm at 5% with the TPA red bull & its pretty decent. I'm a rockstar drinker though.. at first i thought it was a mislabeled sweet tarts flavor though, still not sure. but yeah its good so whatever =)
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    I got my redbull in and I like the flavor, added 10 drops on 2,5 ml, but thats not yet enough for me. Going to add some more drops just to see what% how much I want it at. Had too many flavors coming in, and wanted to test all, in a very short period of time

    I did like the taste, but as stated it's not the "real" red bull flavor. which would be impossible. But it's a good flavor and i'll buy it again. Now I switched testing to dripping and I liked it. Then I switched over to an ego-c LR tank. My ego-c atty still had some mary jane in it ... The combo of the red bull with left over mary jane on the atomizer was like .... wwwoooooooooooooooww . So going to have to test that mix also this weekend

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