DIY Mixing Supplies
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Thread: DIY Mixing Supplies

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    Default DIY Mixing Supplies

    I'm sure many of you guys know about this site, but in case others may not be aware, there is a great and relatively cheap site for DIY supplies, and right now they have some great items that anyone into DIY could use:

    The site is American Science & Surplus : Items Just Off the Truck

    The particular items they have atm (9/2013) that are useful include:

    Glass beakers/cylinders: BEAKER, 250ML, HEAT RESISTANT GLASS

    Mortar and Pestle: MORTAR & PESTLES, 130ML, 4" OD x 1-3/4", 4-3/4" Pestle

    These small labels turn sky blue when they are exposed to sunlight - could be a good way to tell if your bottles are exposed:

    Glass funnel: GLASS FUNNEL

    Screw-cap centrifuge tubes: CENTRIFUGE TUBES

    Disposable polystyrene trays to do mixing on: 3-3/4" SQUARE BLACK POLYSTYRENE TRAYS

    20ml amber dropper cap bottles with childproof top: AMBER DROPPER BOTTLE

    Latex gloves:
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    Thanks but I've come to the conclusion that the only supplies I need are syringes, I mix directly into bottles...really cuts down on start-up costs.
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