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Thread: How to store PG? VG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glasseye View Post
    I don't refrigerate plain PG or VG either. I just got a liter of VG and it will last a loooong time. Nic goes in the freezer regardless of carrier.
    Not in VG, in my experience. I have some nic that is going on 4 years in the freezer, and it shows no change at all. Of course, if it is thinned before storing, this will hasten its oxidiation. Mine is all unthinned.

    @thewomenfolk: VG and PG will always be available, and it really does not go bad...virtually nothing grows in it. Anything labeled USP must have a 1 year expiration date, but these are not likely to go. I don't recommend fridge or freezer for these if you are using the bottle often, since cold will make them absorb water from the air. Mine is just out at room temp, winter or summer.
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    Then out of the fridge it comes. Thanks, Kurt. And thanks to everyone who has responded!

    Then my 100mg PG needs to be in the freezer? And my no-nic PG and VG can stay out but in a cool dark place in an amber glass bottle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pastubbs View Post
    Its pretty much a well know fact that you don't need to freezer your nic juice just put it in a non-clear glass bottle and keep it out of the light, sun light or otherwise at room temp. PG based nic juice last up to 2yrs, VG based nic juice last for 10yrs. I prefer VG based because you never know how long the retailer had the nic juice before you bought it and 10 yrs s a hefty amount of keep time. you'll end up using it long before it expires. Buy in bulk and save some cash that is if you have the space to store it. I put mine in a spare closet where all the X-Mas, Halloween, and etc crap goes.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDee1234 View Post
    We are Talking about High strength Nicotine for making e Juice- Not pre made juice
    So am I even with a 100mg nic juice its still PG or VG based so the same rules apply. I got this from my local vape shop that makes their own juice. 99% pure nic juice which would be 999mg only last 2yrs. So a VG based juice is a better option opinion. So long story short as long as the bottle are sealed and its kept out of the light its good.
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