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Thread: Uggg..I just bought____ now I can't find my charger

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    Default Uggg..I just bought____ now I can't find my charger

    I happened to just go buy a couple Nano's for what I had considered my obsolete 901 battery. I have looked all over and now I can't find my charger(s) I had 2 chargers. Could have sworn I just saw one around last month. This is so frustrating. If I am not mistaken Fasttech lists an 808b on their site. Correct me if I am wrong a 901 and and 808 use the same charger?
    Wanted to take these with me somewhere next week end and I do not think a charger would make it on time.

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    The DSE 901 does use the same charger as the KR808D-1 (or the 808D).

    V4L sells a really cheap charger that doesn't have any threads - you just stick the battery into the socket.
    Am sure that would work for you - as I used to use one of those for mine :^) .

    Good Luck!

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