Noob question about refilling.
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Thread: Noob question about refilling.

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    Default Noob question about refilling.

    So i have been doing a crazy amount of research, but the one thing i can't figure out for sure, is how the solution works. Here's what i do know, followed by what i need to know. I know if i buy an e-cigar, it will come with a few flavors, and once I vape them, I will need more. So what do i do next? Can I pour different flavours into the capsule that it came with? Do i need to wash it out first? Do i need a fresh capsule thing to put fresh solution in? Are there differences in the juice you buy for cigarettes and cigars? Someone please respond, cause as simple as this must be, I'm not quite where i understand it yet.

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    I have no experience with the e-cigar.
    I'll bump this for someone who might know.

    In the meantime, I found this and hope it helps. Looks like regular e-liquid to me. I don't thin Johnson Creek makes specific liquid just for cigars.
    Refilling Ruyan Vegas Throwaway E-Cigar - YouTube

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    The only e-cigars I have seen are disposable. Otherwise you would just use a mod like the rest of us. Not that experianced but that is my impression.