Will Fuse Protect Against Extended Auto-Fire?
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Thread: Will Fuse Protect Against Extended Auto-Fire?

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    Default Will Fuse Protect Against Extended Auto-Fire?

    So today I accidentally put my mech mod in my pocket without locking it. I felt something very hot in my pocket, realized it was my mech when I reached in my pocket and burned myself on my Aqua. Took out the battery and set the mod down. I had the sony vtc4's in with a .3 build, and I haven't checked the specifics but doubt a fuse would allow that to fire. Hopefully I've learned my lesson and will always lock the mod in the future, but I'm wondering if I were within the amp limit of a fuse, would it get tripped from extended auto-firing?

    I searched around and found a post in the Chi-You thread that said it would trip, but more information would be highly welcome. Thanks.

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    good thing it didn't blow!

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