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Thread: Everyone please sign a petition to help MN Hennepin County ban

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    Default Everyone please sign a petition to help MN Hennepin County ban

    For those of you who are unfamiliar, Hennepin County in Minnesota has banned all vaping on county property. We need the help of ECF members to reach our goal of 1000 signatures.

    We put the petition together after many attempts to contact David Hough (the county administrator responsible for the ban) without and sort of response from him. We just want the leaders within this state making decisions based in knowledge and facts rather than a reaction of fear (which is what I believe the ban was). We have already seen the city of Mankato follow suit with a ban of their own and now the city of Duluth will be deciding shortly as well to include e-cigarettes under the MN Clean Indoor Air Act. Please, please sign the petition and share it with everyone you can. We need 1000 signatures in less then a month. You do not need to be a resident of Hennepin county or even of the state of MN to participate.

    Thank you everyone! This community is so strong, I know we can do this with everyone's help.

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    It seems that this petition has reached it's 1k goal Congrats. I would realy like to hear any updates if it helps with the change intended.


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