We're wanting to make room and clear out a lot of inventory so we're having a huge bulk quantity blowout sale! Get 2/3 off right nowon all orders with 50+ items:

Smok Tech Dual Coil Cartomizers (Black, Stainless, White, Orange)
ValueVapor Major Blowout Sale!-dc-cartos.jpg
Reg Price $1.39 each

Pre-Filled Cartomizers 80 Different Flavors in 8 Colors
555, Desert Ship, Lucky Color, DK Tab, RY4, SEC, Tobacco,Virginia, Wensten, Blueberry, Blackberry, TeaBerry, Red Cola, etc.
Reg Price $1.59 each
Standard and LR 510 Cartomizers
Reg Price $1.59 each
ValueVapor Major Blowout Sale!-bogecartos.jpg

L-Rider eGo 450mah batteries (Navy Blue, Orange, White, Yellow,Gold)
ValueVapor Major Blowout Sale!-ego5.jpg
Reg Price $9.99 each

EU 18650 chargers

L-Rider 510 Manual and Auto batteries
ValueVapor Major Blowout Sale!-lrider510s.jpg
Reg Price $9.99 each

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