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Thread: Office ban on vaping

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    Everybody has a skeleton in the cupboard.

    Just sayin'
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    I'd complain about her smoking, smelling like smoke and excessive smoke breaks. I'd also get her an ego twist and evod as a gift. Get her a retirement card and have everyone sign it. Say something like. Sorry to see you go. Hope this gift lets you live a few more years into your retirement. If she says she's not retiring yet tell her its an early retiring gift. I'd also say something like "if you keep smoking those analogs Jesus will give you a mandatory early out. Lol.

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    The accepted definition of freedom is "You can do anything you wish as long as it does not offend anyone else". If you toss in the ringer pursuit of happiness the definition changes to " You can do anything you want particularly if it offends someone else". Everyone has their own special rights until there are no rights left to go around. Every time I come across someone that offends me the words of my father ring loud and true in my ear. "Well son it's a free country".

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    I'm bandying about the idea of having some T-shirts printed up that say, "If you're easily offended, walk away now."

    Seriously. Easily offended people make me uncomfortable. Trump Card!
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    Well, I can consider myself blessed then :

    Now vapers, former heavy smokers, we're pretty laid back about the whole thing. Folks from the other offices ( it's a huge building with lots of companies ) drop by every now and then to have a quick fag. And we're not below bumming the odd analog off them. Building is of course officially non-smoking . But as I said, we're not 'religious' about the whole matter.

    But there are limits.

    Had someone like that too at another workplace. Watering plants, feeding the dog, walking the dog, having a smoke break, lighting the candles, giving the plants some pep talk for better growth, etc,etc. Got to a point where I pointedly and loudly wondered if there was any time left for getting the workload done....

    It's ok to personalize a workplace, after all, you might be spending more waking hours there than at home, but physical presence alone at what some might view as an extended living room isn't enough to justify a paycheck...
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    I've been translating/interpreting a month-long training, and trainers and several trainees had been vapers, me and the other interpreter included. Well, she was actually a smoker, but used e-cig when she couldn't get out for a break.

    A week into it, two ladies, one ex smoker with layered perfumes I might have worn individually for special occasions, started preaching that e-cigs are worse than "the real thing", and another heavy smoker joined in. The other non-vapers were like "c'mon, shut up, you always complain!" Finally, she went to their superior (although head of department, also attending, was against it) head of division and asked for a ban. Little did she know that during managers' training few weeks before, we (trainers and yours truly) converted the boss.

    So, she was given two options: to establish more frequent breaks, so we can get our "nicotine supplementation therapy" and extend total duration of training without overtime payment, or if she finds evidence that second-hand vape is dangerous and evidence of at least 10 batteries exploding and harming someone sitting 6 feet away, the ban will be introduced.

    My close friend, never smoker, married to the nazzi-anti-smoker, is glad when I vape at her home, because I don't have to go outside and get my nic fix. Her hubby has a software development company and after seeing me and several other friends using e-cigs, had bought e-cigs for all of his in-office smokers, together with fine assortment of liquids. Being sweets addict, he took up 0 nic chocolate and lost 10 pounds. There is even his photo vaping cig-a-like in their family album, with note "That's what marriage does to you!"

    Trying to make a point: jerks will always find something to complain about. Getting wider acceptance may help, especially by those who are heavy opposition to "regular smoking".
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