First time making my own eliquid!
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Thread: First time making my own eliquid!

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    Default First time making my own eliquid!

    Well after almost 2 months of vaping I got a bug to try and make my own eliquid, lol. I went to walmart and got a bottle of glycerin and a couple flavorings from the baking isle. Watkins brand banana and peanut butter. I mixed up a batch of just banana and another of just peanut butter. My "recipe" for each was 3ml glycerin, .5 ml distilled water and 1ml of flavoring. Does that sound like an okay recipe? They seem to vape just fine, though the flavor does seem a little weak on the banana. Any tips for a newbie DIY'er? lol

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    That seems like a lot of flavoring to be having issues with not being able to taste it. If your juice isn't too thick you could reduce the water. I like to test flavors with really small batches (1-2 ml) but since you're doing 0 nic, I guess you can just throw anything out that doesn't taste good.

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    I've been into DIY a little over a year now. I just assume you have been here

    DIY E-Liquid

    and read this

    ***DIY Warning....Please read***

    and read further here copiously. It is my understanding that some food flavoring may not be too healthy to vape due to contents other than just the flavor and PG or VG, like preservatives, or alchohol. I have only bought one bottle of food flavoring and stopped using it after my first try with it.

    When I add up the totals of your recipe 3mlVG, .5ml distilled water, and 1ml of flavoring I get a total of 4.5. What size batch is this? I assume a 5ml? if so you are mixing 5ml your flavoring is at 20%. I also see no amount of Nic in your recipe and assume you are creating 0mg DIY e-liquid. My experience has been that faulty math, not keeping good notes, and not keeping good recipe files were the biggest pitfalls.

    If you do not have some kind of free e-liquid recipe calculator, like "E-Juice Me Up" I urge you to look into it. If you are mixing with Nic be careful; after all it is poisonous. I love DIY but exercise tremendous care every time I mix. Enjoy!
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