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    Originally posted by CZEdwards

    If you like the gum, here you go...

    This was an experiment to salvage a couple of flavors I don't especially like -- 36 mg Kiwi and 36 mg Mango with menthol crystals added (got 'em in a trade.)

    Currently, I'm using flavors from our local Asian market -- they're PG, artificial flavor, ethanol and FD&C colorings. (I couldn't get jasmine flavor from anybody else, and I wanted to play with jackfruit flavor...)

    for 5 ml -
    20 drops Kiwi flavored 36 mg liquid
    5 drops Mango flavored 36 mg liquid (to which menthol crystals had been added)
    15 drops VG
    30 drops PG solution (70% PG, 30% distilled water)
    4 drops pineapple flavoring
    2 drops orange flavoring

    Tastes just like the gum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngusATAT View Post
    Originally posted by CZEdwards
    Here's my question - if the above recipe is to be 5ml finished (total quantity) then I would take the number of drops (76 or roughly 2.5ml) and make my base 2.5ml....so base + 2.5ml of flavor=5ml - I use 30 drops per ml when mixing so 5ml=150 drops, div by 2=75 or 2.5ml (close enough to 76) - now this represents 50% flavor so I'm wondering if these drops were meant to be ADDED to 5ml for a total of 7.5ml or what I said above?? - I like this recipe but don't want to add 50% flavor if this will be overkill - Thanks
    Just noticed that your drops included PG/VG (1.5ml based on 30 drops per ml) so that makes the flavor drops roughly 1ml (20% of 5ml) which makes sense - I end up using 20% alot for my mixes....so the balance of 2.5ml must be your unflavored nic juice.....sorry
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