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    I'm new on here and to e-cigs. I just ordered from EastMall yesterday and got a 510. Does anyone know where I can get blank cartridges for the 510 in bulk?

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    Eastmall round carts are two bucks for five, they also sell flap tip carts for the 510 at the same price. I just got some flat tips in yesterday and they're amazing. I don't know what the filling is but it's 10x better than what I'm used to, it's almost a sponge rather than polyester fiberfill.

    I normally remove the filler and put half a dozen drops of juice in the bottom of the cart then replace the filler and drop juice on it until it's full, whatever's in these whistle tip carts took 20 drops of juice without having to remove it and instead of the usual 5 or 6 top off drops I've been to do 12-15.

    When you say "bulk", how many are you talking about?