UPDATED: Pictures of most common e-cig models
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Thread: UPDATED: Pictures of most common e-cig models

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    Default UPDATED: Pictures of most common e-cig models


    This is not designed to be a comprehensive list of all e cig models, just what seem to be the most common models and mods discussed in this forum. i tried to avoid identifying with any one supplier, except where unavoidable. I offer no review good or bad, just pictures so you can see what they look like. I have also listed the voltage that each unit operates at. Keep in mind, that many of these are available in additional colors other than what is pictured.

    If you see any corrections needed or there is a model you don't see pictured, PM me and I will do what I can to add/correct. Thanks

    DSE 901/RN 4075---3.7v

    DSE 801/RN 4072/ Penstyle---3.7v

    KR 808/Vapor King---3.7v

    Joye 510/Dura/Yeti---3.7v (Shown with PCC-personal charging case)



    eGo/TW Tornado--3.7v

    Prodigy V2--5v

    Janty Stick V3 --3.7v
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