Please select carefully which contact form to use: Messages sent to the wrong department may be deleted or responses delayed.

ECF Forum Manager

The ECF Forum Manager deals with registration issues, membership inquiries, members' accounts, applications to the medics private forum, username changes and general matters relating to the running of the forum.

If you wish to contact the forum manager, please open a ticket via our support system.

ECF Media Inquiries

If you wish to speak to us about any topic relating to electronic cigarettes for media purposes, please contact us here

ECF Events Officer

Please use this form if you have any Events you wish to have added to the Calender and the Events and Fundraising forum.

ECF Classifieds Manager

If you have any inquiries relating to ECF classifieds system, please contact the classifieds manager.

Please note: the Classifieds is the section of the forum where members buy/sell/trade their personal ecig items (not commercial). If the question you wish to ask doesn't concern the Classifieds, please see the list of contacts to the right of the page and select the appropriate staff member to contact.

ECF InfoZone Manager

If you have any ideas for new articles or corrections for existing ones, please don't hesitate to contact the InfoZone Manager.

ECF Reviewers Manager.

No links are allowed to unregistered review sites or blogs. You can register your site by contacting the Reviewers Manager.

ECF Complaints Officer

Please contact the complaints officer if you have serious and unresolved non-delivery or similar complaints with any of our registered suppliers.

ECF Suppliers Manager

All suppliers who wish to engage with the community at ECF must be registered with us and follow our rules. Please use this form to contact the Suppliers Manager, who deals with all issues relating to registered suppliers.

ECF Advertising Manager

Registered Suppliers only may advertise on ECF. Please contact our Advertising Manager if you are interested in advertising on ECF.

ECF Accounts Manager

For all queries relating to accounts held with ECF, please contact our Accounts Manager.

ECF Site Owner

You may contact the ECF site owner via this form. Any messages that relate to subjects dealt with by other officers may not receive a response.

ECF Livechat Manager

You may contact the Livechat manager via this form.