B Series PCC Defective?
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Thread: B Series PCC Defective?

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    Default B Series PCC Defective?

    So I got a B Series PCC starter kit today, and when I plugged it in the light came on red. I checked back later and the light was off. According to the documentation it should turn green when fully charged. I fiddled with the cord a bit, and red light again. Then it goes off again. What's the deal? Defective unit? I tried looking into to issues with the B Series, but no go on Google. I contacted the supplier under the assumption that I got a defective unit. Anything else I can try?

    Addendum: After using my PV for a couple of hours I plugged it into the PCC. It wasn't dying, but I wanted to see if it would charge. The charge light for the PV battery lit up green. Still fully charged? I don't think so! What the heck?
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