Experience the Tank system!
The Joye eGo-T Tank (Type B Cylinder) builds on the achievements of the Joye eGo. Its huge 900mAh batteries enable over 800 puffs per day.The eGo-T is the first e-cigarette to apply the new tank system for dripping e-juice directly into its 2.0ml tank cartridge (Type B) without the use of tissue inside the tank. This revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers.

The Joye eGo-T e-cigarette consist of a tank cartridge, tank atomizer and 900mAh batteries. It offers five times as many puffs as a normal e-cigarette. The eGo-T gives a realistic feel and provides lots of vapor with mechanisms inherited from the eGos double air circulation system. The new power saving battery 5 times on off button function improves the efficiency of power consumption.

Cost comparision of Electronic Cigarettes compared to Analog Cigarette per month:

Electronic Cigarettes Analog Cigarettes
1 30ml Bottle of E Juice $13.95 30 packs @7.00 per pack =$210.00
1 Joye eGo-T Aor B Atomizer $12.99
1 5pack of Empty Cartridges $5.99

Total average cost per month to use a Electronic Cigarette is $32.93 compared to cost of $210.00 for analog cigarettes. Cost savings of $177.07 Savings per month using the Electronic Cigarettes.

Joye eGo-T Kit includes:
2pcs eGO-T Atomizers (Type B Cylinder)
2pcs eGo-T 900mAh manual batteries
5pcs eGo empty tank cartridges (Holds 2.0ml About 400 puffs)
1pc USB charger
1pc AC-USB adapter
1pcs pouch
1pcs manual
Packed in fine gift box

Video on Filling the Joye eGo-T Cartridge.