E Liquid, Nicotine Juice, Smoke Juice: 10ml, 24mg.
Our E Juice, E Liquid is always Factory Fresh, comes direct from the Manufacturer and is Never Remixed or Rebottled! We have a great selection of Flavored E Juice, E Liquid to choose from.

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E juice Strength (MG) General Guideline for Beginners:
Full Flavored - 24mg to 30mg
Lights - 12mg to 18mg
Ultra Lights - 0mg to 12mg

Electronic Cigarette E Juice, is the most cost effective method of extending the life of your cartridge for your Electronic Cigarette. Once your cartridge is empty, simply add a few drops of E Juice into your cartridge and your Electronic Cigarette is ready to use. All E Juice, E Liquid comes with Child-Proof caps on the bottles.