Smoketech's New Aro Winder 1500mah variable voltage battery in various colors!

1. Large 1500mah battery capacity for long battery life between charges.
2. The Aro Winder adjusts voltage output from 3.2v to 4.8v by turning the voltage adjustment knob at the bottom. Each increment is 0.1v.
3. 10-seconds cutoff: If the button is held down for 10 seconds or loner, the battery will be locked until pressed again no matter if there is an atomizer on the battery.

Note: The Smoketech Aro Winder battery's button has a 5-click On/Off lock. Press the button 5 times within 2 seconds to activate the battery.

The battery has a standard 510/eGo connector and can fit a variety of 510/eGo atomizers or tanks, or clearomizers like Smoktech DCT Slim 2.5ml Glass Cartomizer.

The battery should be charged constantly and use it when fully charged, wrong operation may damage your battery and hurt users.

Charger used 420mah fast USB charger.

Size:Height: 4.25" (108mm) Diameter:75" (19mm)
Package:Paper box