European Free Vaping Initiative - Introduction
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Thread: European Free Vaping Initiative - Introduction

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    Exclamation European Free Vaping Initiative - Introduction

    Our goal is to express the will of the many, who are already vaping, plan to vape, have a loved one who is vaping or someone who simply respects the values of private sphere and personal rights. We will keep fighting until electronic cigarettes are finally to be discussed at the level they deserve, and until a regulation is born that says no to fears rooted in ignorance, and does not bypass scientific evidence nor the real needs of the people using electronic cigarettes.

    Vapers made an adult, responsible and private decision when they chose this young but very effective alternative that made possible for them to leave or ease up a deadly habit that claims hundreds of thousands of lives of EU citizens each and every year. The fact that vaping poses no harm to the vicinity of the vaper makes this hobby a private matter of no public interest, therefore any kind of attempt towards the regulation of electronic cigarettes and related products is interpreted as serious offense against our personal rights and private sphere.

    The message is simple and clear: hands off of free vaping in the European Union. Read more about it in our manifesto.
    About EFVI

    What is EFVI?

    An opportunity for vapers to directly address the decision makers of Europe so they can choose to ignore our opinion no more. We need to collect one million signatures before the 25th of November 2014, and reach the minimum quota in seven member states.

    What EFVI is not

    EFVI is not an another petition to sign. It allows us to participate directly in the development of EU policies regarding electronic cigarettes.

    Why is EFVI important?

    Once successfully concluded, we will have the opportunity to meet Commission representatives in person and to present our initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament.

    Members of the citizens' committee:

    Patryk Bełzak (Poland), Kinga Bilau (Hungary), Monika Calvetti-Fürst (Austria), Leo Compas (Netherlands), Ditta Ditewig (Netherlands), John Miles Dolphin (United Kingdom), Marcin Duraj (Poland), Scott Andrew Fitzsimmons (United Kingdom), Stavros Georgalas (Czech Republic), Marcel Göertz (Netherlands), Markus Kämmerer (Germany), Udo Laschet (Germany), Krisztian Pifko (Hungary), Serge Poplemon (Belgium)

    Our initiative at the Official register of the European Commission.

    EFVI is a European wide effort to help save vaping. After the TPD was approved by the EU, we are left with only a short amount of time to fight back before our fate as vapers is sealed. Come 2016, vaping as we know it in the EU, will cease to exist and according to various interpretations of the TPD, everything on the market will be illegal.

    This doesn't just affect EU vapers, American vapers need to be aware that what happens here, will surely be a baseline for what the FDA will present for regulations of electronic cigarettes.

    If you haven't signed EFVI yet and are a citizen of the EU, please take 30 seconds and sign it. Ask your household members, your friends, your family, anyone you can think of that supports public health decisions based on scientific evidence versus knee jerk reactions to protect other interests over our health.

    Please see this thread European Free Vaping Initiative and what we can do to help! in order to further our efforts. There are also several countries supporting the dodo box efforts and interested parties can contact EFVI UK directly to get in touch with your areas local rep, and if you don't have a local rep, they can tell you how you can be one.

    Do not let this slip through the woodwork, this is the future we are facing together as vapers, not just in the EU, but in the US and many other nations.


    For more information on what the TPD is please see this post by Clive Bates Updated info post: TPD – provisions relating to e-cigarettes « The counterfactual
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    EFVI subforum! I love it!

    Ok, dear vapers in Europe - add your signature to keep vaping available to us.
    Dears, you are signing the European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI) for yourself. For your own health, for your own life, for your own freedom to choose.

    Sign it, pass it on to your home forum. To your friends, your relatives, your colleagues - to all who are happy to see that you have made the healthier choice.

    Sign EFVI here
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    Is there any way to know how many signatures have been collected so far?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMA View Post
    Is there any way to know how many signatures have been collected so far? currently 116972 at the time of writing