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    Cool Oh My Goodness Oh my Goodness

    I miss you Taras and all EA people. Hoping you and all your loved ones have a fabulous holiday!!!

    My goodness ..I feel like I should get my tap dancing shoes back on OR maybe throw some peanuts around and messy up the place a bit hehe. Joye 510 attys 5.99 oh my very nice ..deal of the day price under 5 if you want to buy a quantity ...OH and those 510 cartos 75 cents each...OH how I remember those days jumping on your daily deals and your nic juice never needed to be on special cauze it's the best! I showed pics and the nic pics don't lie. And shouldn't there be a ghost icon for me??

    It's holiday time and I'm thinking of getting something OH so tempting. Notice above while babbling I didn't mention the variable for under 11. that's has got me thinkin oh then I personally gotta get a charger then some nic and then some..ok running away LOL LOVE YA!! I do think of you and your family often : )

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    I hope you had the greatest of holidays! It is real great hearing from you!