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Thread: 23 Jan 2014 - New Scientist - Science 'wrong' in EU's proposed e-cigarette law

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    Default 23 Jan 2014 - New Scientist - Science 'wrong' in EU's proposed e-cigarette law

    Science 'wrong' in EU's proposed e-cigarette law

    Fifteen prominent scientists who have investigated the health consequences of electronic cigarettes have accused European Union regulators of misinterpreting their results. The scientists say the EU aim is to draft an unjustifiably burdensome new law to regulate e-cigarettes.

    Great article, very positive.

    It refers to this letter by Dr. Farsalinos, Dr. Etter and 13 other prominent scientists to the EU of 17 January 2014:
    Scientific Errors in the Tobacco Products Directive A letter sent by scientists to the European Union
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    22 April 2014: Results of Survey by Dr. Farsalinos et al

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    Thanks, A.
    Nice stuff here. I am hoping for a good result.
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    Good to see such positive press in a mainstream scientific publication. (And now I understand the term "dogs breakfast" lol.)
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    I linked the letter to my FB page.
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    I wonder how many EU MP's are actually going to read that. And of those, how many are smart enough to understand it and wise enough to reflect upon the contents and not simply dismiss it as something that does not support their foregone conclusion...

    On the plus side, I'm glad the scientific community took this initiative to bring to light the gross scientific errors in the Tobacco Products Directive. It also adds to my own hopeful realization that the vaping genie cannot be put back in the bottle, at least not by the same twisted, antiquated scientific misconduct and propaganda that has demonized tobacco and nicotine.
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    An excellent read - thanks for the heads up
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