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Thread: Spiked: The new EU directive: quit smoking or die

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    Default Spiked: The new EU directive: quit smoking or die

    Spiked: The new EU directive: quit smoking or die
    Written on May 2013 - and as current and correct as if it was written today

    The new EU directive: quit smoking or die | Smoking | spiked

    - mentions the silly and ineffective changes to tobacco products
    - good explanation of what an e-cig is and what it does
    - excellent summary of the reasons behind the proposed ecig ban and its consequences

    If e-cigs are banned, a substantial proportion of the population will simply carry on puffing away on the traditional fag, with all the well-established harms that come with regular smoking.
    last paragraph:

    Having failed to persuade people to quit their bad habits, the moral crusaders in the tobacco-control lobby have instead decided to appeal for a committee-room stitch-up in Brussels, far from the meddling influence of voters. The fight over the Tobacco Products Directive is a profound illustration both of the authoritarian impulses of many campaigners and medics, and the anti-democratic nature of the EU itself.
    As I said, it could have been written today.
    As the last paragraph describes that "trilogue" to a T.

    The only thing missing is the heavy lobbying by Big T and Big P. Well, Big P as Big P itself, not in the form of its paid shills.
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