26 Feb 14 - EU Health - New Tobacco Directive (summary)
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Thread: 26 Feb 14 - EU Health - New Tobacco Directive (summary)

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    Default 26 Feb 14 - EU Health - New Tobacco Directive (summary)

    26 Feb 14 - EU Health - New Tobacco Directive (summary)
    EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Questions & Answers: New rules for tobacco products

    Why are new rules needed for e-cigarettes?E-cigarettes are a relatively new product category and their market share is growing. While they may have a role to play in smoking cessation or reduction, their long-term effects on public health are not yet known. As nicotine is an addictive and toxic substance, safety and quality requirements for nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are necessary. Reporting obligations are also needed so that public authorities can monitor and learn more about these products. A number of decisions on e-cigarettes will be left to the Member States, e.g. the regulation of flavours, advertising without cross border effects, and age limits.

    blather, blather.....

    When will the new rules apply?
    The new Directive should enter into force in May 2014. A transposition period of two years for Member States to bring national legislation into line with the revised Directive means that most of the new rules will apply in the first half of 2016. However, the Directive also foresees a transitional period for all product categories to give manufacturers and retailers time to sell off their existing stock insofar as it complies with the old Directive or other relevant legislation. As mentioned above, a phase-out period of four years is foreseen for all products with more than a 3% market share in the EU, for example menthol cigarettes.
    Let's drink to what we already know about "democracy" in the European Union (ha ha ) and then regroup and fight this nonsense on a national level.

    It is sickening that we have to fight to be allowed to (!) live healthier lives.
    It is sickening that we may have to resort to civil disobedience in order to live healthier lives.

    But if that is what they want, then that is what they will get.

    Interesting that they call themselves "EU health". They should call themselves "Eu death".
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