European Provari owners?
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Thread: European Provari owners?

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    Default European Provari owners?

    Hi Guys

    I'm thinking of buying a Provari, as I'm currently living in the States and want to gift myself a nice mod before I return
    I am however interested in hearing if any of you have had to deal with repairs and service from ProVape from 'across the pond'. Good? Bad?

    I want to get it because it seems like a longlasting well built mod, but if service/repair is a hassle, maybe I should get something European like one of the greek mods instead.

    Also, do you think I should get the extended warranty?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I`ve had my provari for over a year and never had an issue. Greek mods are great but no VV or not yet it would be great if you could still wait a while for the proteus from GG to come out. On the other hand I think the semovar from svoemesto is just as good as the provari and it`s buil in germany

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    Provape charge just under $50 to get a Provari shipped to the UK. Add in $20 to ship it to them and you are looking at $70 before the cost of any out of warranty repairs. That was the main reason I ended up getting the Semovar along with the fact I can't name a badly engineered German car make.

    Those with both say the quality of both are the same. The Semovar is modular and from what I hear the chip is plug&play and can be changed by a modestly confident user. So if anything is damaged or failed you can buy a replacement piece or a new chip rather than needing a whole new mod.

    If you are from the UK, Cloud 9 Vaping are the stockists and have a very good reputation for in warranty service. Alternatively in Germany and VapeRev in the US are the two stockists I know of.

    Whichever way you choose to jump you will get a top quality mod.