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Thread: Just got my evic! Settings/setup.

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    Default Just got my evic! Settings/setup.

    Evic arrived today! What would you recommend as far as best settings of the evic for your setup? Very new to this - I have tinkered a bit with the voltage - any thoughts on how to program the evic?

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    Your best bet is probably to go through the menu items 1 at a time and see what's in there.

    I set my screen to turn off in 1 minute and the system in 30 minutes. Turn the temp alarm up, I think mines at 135 or so. Next make sure your battery mah settings are correct.

    From there you can choose what info you want on the home screen, I have ohms and watts shown. You can choose to have the fire button preset for a certain amount of time or manual.

    From there it's a matter of settling in and using it for a few days. It's a great product, although I've only had it for 60 days. I have a bunch of other mods but keep coming back to this one

    Good luck and have fun!

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