Evic and AGA-T2 with a micro coil and 400 SS Mesh!
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Thread: Evic and AGA-T2 with a micro coil and 400 SS Mesh!

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    Default Evic and AGA-T2 with a micro coil and 400 SS Mesh!

    Was playing around today and decided to try a microcoil on my Evic and AGA-T2 setup. I ended up with a little higher resistance than I wanted because I accidentally grabbed the 32 gauge kantahl instead of the 28 gauge. Was looking for around 1.6 ohms, instead what I got was 2.9 ohms. The coils were wrapped around a 1/16th inch drill bit. For the SS mesh I used about 1/3 the size I usually use and rolled it as tight as I possibly could. I had to make several attempts to get it tight enough to fit into the coils, but finally got it. I was worried that it wouldn't wick well enough because the piece of mesh I had to use was extremely small.

    Filled it with my favorite juice and gave it a try.

    All I can say is WOW!! This thing wicks like a dream. Get clouds of thick vapor and the taste is incredible.

    Here is a pic so you can see what it looks like. Not the best coil and wick I've ever made but I really was just playing around. Didn't think it would work so well. I think I have found my sweet spot!

    Evic and AGA-T2 with a micro coil and 400 SS Mesh!-evic-aga-t2-micro-coil.jpg

    and spent most of that savings on mods, attys, juice, and supplies!

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    May have to give this a shot. Never been satisfied with results on my AGA-T. Doesn't make much sense either. I have built a few excellent coils and use 500 mesh, but it just never performs well.
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    Looks good to me...if that coil looks bad, I'll never post pics of mine

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