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Thread: Arrgh I can't taste my e-juice....

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    Default Arrgh I can't taste my e-juice....

    I've been vaping this apple vg e-liquid from LF for the last two days. I was so upset at myself for ordering it because it might as well be flavorless to me. I've only had a hint of the apple flavoring when using a LR atty on my Riva and that was just on a few hits here and their. Tonight I showed it to my co-worker, and he's like well let me hit it. I warned him the juice that I had wasn't the greatest stuff in the world for flavor and there was much better and stronger ones out there. Well he took a drag off of it and was like wow that must be apple or peach. He said it had a strong flavor to him. Just so frustrating....

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    going through the same thing. Got some vanilla, RY2 (VG), and double mint from liberty-flights, couldn't taste any of them, so i bought some strawberry fields and a custom flavor from gourmetvapor, and still can't taste them. I too am using a Riva with both 510 LR and 306 LR attys. Every now and then I get a great vape and can taste the flavor, but most of the time I get no flavor at all, just the smell of the juice in my atty.

    I asked a similar question and one response I got was that if you're just quitting smoking, your taste buds are damaged and flavors will come out nicely in due time. I don't know if you just quit but I did, its been about a week and a half since I've had more than 3 analogs in a day, and none for the past 5 days. I too am finding it really frustrating.

    I don't think it's the juice, because gourmetvapor has gotten awesome reviews, and I can smell the juice from 5 ft away. I got double and triple flavor on my juices too.

    I think we may need to switch up flavors; I notice flavors come out more if I have had food or a drink, and even more so if I vape a completely different flavor, like going from mint to strawberry. I'm planning on buying an Ali'i which has a 6 ml juice feed system, which is going to make switching flavors a bit difficult, so hopefully the taste buds come back and I wont need to keep switching.

    good luck.


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    This will happen if you vape too much of one flavor. Change flavors or try vaping plain VG or PG for a day. The taste will come back after you take a break from it. I usually go back to my menthol for a day when this happens to give my buds a break. Works every time.

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    I too only got hints of flavors at first - then suddenly at week 5, yum! It still happens every now and again though, can't taste anything for a day or two. My suggestion would be to use the stronger flavors (coffee, cinnamon, menthols etc.) for now and keep trying the more subtle flavors as you go on - you will get a nice surprise soon


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