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Thread: Can't seem to find a good coffee vape?

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    Default Can't seem to find a good coffee vape?

    Want to grab a few small bottles preferablly from the same vendor...
    A very milky sweet coffee to a very robust coffee (Not plain black ew) all accepted...

    What vendor and what juices?

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    These may not be what you're looking for at all, but my two favorites are Creamy Joe from DarkCityVapor (18mg 50/50) and Caramel Cappuccino (Double Extra Flavor, Extra Sweetener 18mg 70/30) from ECBlend. Both of those give a pretty strong throat hit. Neither is what I would call sweet (even with the extra Sweetener in the ECB Caramel Cappuccino).

    YMMV, as always.

    Right now I'm vaping Cappuccino Diablo from Highbrow and the jury is still out on it. I think it needs to steep for a few more days. I also bought some of Highbrow's Coffee - Dark Roast but it's still steeping so I haven't vaped it yet.
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    Probably because it's impossible to mimic the taste of a good cup of coffee via vapor. Some juice vendors claim that they can, but you'll probably be disappointed. More likely, it will be great for a day. Then it will suck. My advice: If you want the flavor, just drink some coffee. Maybe find a juice that tastes great with your coffee (good luck).

    Hopefully, somebody will prove me wrong.

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    French Vanilla Keoke Coffee e-liquid [FRkeoke] - $3.00 : Vapors Choice, Ecigarettes & Parts

    Fresh out of the mail, it's a strong dark roast, similar to Kona coffee. Let it steep and the french vanilla comes out nicely.

    Caramel MOVaccino | 100% USA Made E-Liquid. Caramel Mocha Capuccino Deliciousness blended together in this flavor with hints of vanilla and chocolate throughout!

    The coffee is a little more subtle here. The caramel comes out a little more.

    I am more partial to #1 for a coffee vape, but both are good.

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    Coffee vapes are my favorite flavor. I've tried nearly a dozen vendors and have 3 favorites. I tend to like a lot of cream and sugar in my real coffee, so that should give you an idea of what I like in a vape. Your mileage may vary.

    Virgin Vapors ECO Virgin Organic Kona Velvet Milkshake
    "It's sweet, creamy and buttery with notes of caramel and rum all balanced out by a nice strong shot of Kona Espresso" -website description. And its all true. Probably the smoothest, most flavorful, and most satisfying of ANY juice I've found. I liken it to a Starbuck's frappe. An all day vape. It arrives already steeped 2 weeks so should taste good on arrival, but it also continues to improve with age. It is 100% vg, a clear light amber in color, and doesn't seem to clog cartos, altho the juice does darken appreciably with age (nicotine effect?). Annette will mix with a thinner vg base if requested. I will always have this juice in my daily rotation. Price: $15/15ml

    I have not tried them yet, but she also offers ECO Virgin Caramel Kona Milkshake and a couple of others. Her most famous juice, Kona Coffee Milkshake has been out-of-stock for a few months due to ingredient shortages; it won 3rd place as most popular 2011 juice poll.

    Copper creek Coffee
    A highly regarded coffee juice. Advertised as a slightly sweet coffee and very good as mixed, I find it to taste more black, so I add a tad more sweet cream flavoring (Sweet Cream from MyFreedomSmokes) myself to match my real life coffee. Simply excellent! Initially ordered 40/60 ratio and got huge vapor. Available in 100% vg or any pg/vg combo you'd like. Needs to steep a few days for best flavor. Excellent at 3.7v, great at 5v. Will always have this juice in my rotation. Price: $9/15ml

    Vaperite Organic Kona Cream
    Very similar to the above Virgin Vapors entry, it's an excellent juice, I happen to like the KVM better. This needs to steep a few days, although it is available pre-steeped for additional charge. This is a darker juice. Available in all vg, 50/50, and 70/30. Price: $12/18ml

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