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Thread: how long before....

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    I didn't like tobacco flavors when I took up vaping a few years ago. I liked plain old vanilla, coffee, and cherry from the start and expanded out from there. The only tobacco juice I ever really liked was Tobacco Haze from M&P. I still do like it on occasion. I recently tried some other good tobacco vapes and even ordered a few bottles, but I don't think they will ever be ADVs for me.
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    I still use tobacco vapes really only Naturally extracted or tobacco absolute versions anymore
    but usually with flavoring like RY4 types or vanilla tobacco and what not

    I actually just got a strait tobacco southern gentleman from MOV
    and really liked it but its been so long since I had a strait tobacco it was strange
    maybe I just got a strange feeling because everything I've vaped up until this point never tasted like smoking

    With that being said I also always have an assortment of other flavs
    like a dessert, something fruity or a tea just to keep the variety

    I usually have at least 5 flavs that I use through out the day but a flavored tobacco is always the bulk of it
    everything else is a supplement
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    When I first came off analogs, I wanted non-sweet, dry tobacco flavors. In fact, the ones that fit that description were actually too sweet for me!

    About a month in, I tried an RY4 type juice (Heavenly Army from HHV) and was blown away because it was just fantastic and not overly sweet but more sweet than plain, dry grass.

    Then Halo sent me a sample of Voodoo for advance review -- and it had fruit flavors in it -- and again it just blew me away that I enjoyed it so much (and still do). Then they did it again with Southern Classic, which is a citrus tobacco.

    Now I am trying fruit flavors on my 5th month. And I can still enjoy some rough and tumble tobaccos like Apache, which other plainer tobaccos just leave me cold. So even though I am starting to like the fruit and sweeter things, I can still enjoy some bolder tobaccos. Not all -- just the more complex ones. Plain ones are just plain. I like some complexity, multiple flavors not just base ones.

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    I DIY 95% or more of the ejuices wife and I use. BluBacco using MVB cocentrate if my wife's favorite at present while I am leaning toward Blue Tobbacco (heartland vapes) flavoring. Wife's desert type is Vanallia Bean Ice Creas (TFA) concentrare and I Am still trying many different BlueBerry and creames. I also vape a great deal of Vanallia Tobacco , Black Honey Tobacco and 555 Tobacco along with a little RY4 from time to time.

    My desire fr tobacco taste cmes from years ago when I smoked a pipe and cigars where you could actualytaste the tobacco. Anologs do not have a tobacco taste at all IMO. I never really enjoyed them but got hooked on them while serviing in VietNam andit took years toget off of them. I have not had a cigerra in around 25 years.

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    Went the other way....didnt like tobaccos when i first quit was all bakery and candy flavors. Picked up a few tobaccos along the way and now that like ALL I vape.
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