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Thread: No appetite for juice.

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    I find when I get bored of flavors, or just aren't really feeling it, PIF trading the juices works really well. Then I get to try different juices without having to buy them, and if i don't like the newer one, can trade it off again.

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    You know, I have caught myself really, really wanting a cigarette from time to time. I still get irritable when this occurs. I will swear up and down that there is more than just nicotine in cigarettes that is addictive. It's these times when I feel a little bleh with vaping too. Switching brands/flavors does help. I am avoiding the citrus type flavors because of my plastic tanks but I am thinking when I can I will grab a pyrex tank just for those times. My thinking is that perhaps a drastic in your face flavor that I wouldn't normally want and a higher nic-content will snap me out of those funks.
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