USP Grade Nicotine question
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Thread: USP Grade Nicotine question

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    Default USP Grade Nicotine question

    Been vaping over a year now. My go to vendors have always been Vermillion River, Alien Visions, ***** *****, Halo, and Johnson Creek. For the last six months I've only been vaping Johnson Creek and sometimes Halo. My nic is usually 24mg. I ordered from Vermillion, AVE, and ***** ***** a week ago cuz I got tired of the same old flavors. I've been feeling like crap shortly after vaping these juices but when I vape Johnson Creek and Halo, I start to feel better within the hour. Seeing as I'm always at 24mg of nic, I'm thinking it might have something to do with the quality of the nicotine. Both Johnson Creek and Halo state on their website that they use USP Grade nicotine but I cannot find any information on the quality of the nicotine from the other three vendors. I called ***** ***** and the person I talked to argued that there is no USP Grade for nicotine but assured me they use the highest quality. Has anyone else experienced this? The feeling is familiar cuz I remember feeling like this alot last year when I vaped these juices but I didn't really think anything of it and assumed I needed more exercise or something. Could be the flavorings but I'm leaning more towards the nic because I've had no side effects from all the different flavors from Johnson Creek and Halo. Maybe some suggestions on other companies that use USP Grade nic? Thanks
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    I think what they are saying is there is no US made nic. That was true until recently. I believe Nudenicotene is making there own in CA. As far as juice vendors are concerned, You will probably have to stay with trusted vendors such as Halo, Johnson Creek, Alien Vision, Heathers, Ahlusion, etc.

    There are grades of Nic. I believe the proper term would be "Lab Grade" or Pharmaceutical Grade.
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