Puresmoker Silver Leaf Tobacco Replacement
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Thread: Puresmoker Silver Leaf Tobacco Replacement

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    Default Puresmoker Silver Leaf Tobacco Replacement

    PS closed their doors... and there were a fair amount of us Silver Leaf Tobacco addicts and... now we are all scurrying around for a replacement (ug).

    I had gotten my cost down, using PS Flavor Shots, PG, VG and PS 32 MG Nic, to just $1.60 a 6 ml bottle for 8 mg SLM, and I don't think I can get that (generally speaking) in a comparable flavor at a comparable price.

    There's this one place out there that allows people to rate ejuice... and the Volcano Menthol came out REALLY high and I have gotten stuff from Volcano before but... good grief... my cost for EJuice would probably double.

    The cost for Tasty Vapor juice is about the same as I had with PS... but I am a dripper and their tobacco menthol is an atty clogger. So, that is not an option.

    Right now (yeah, I got about a months supply left of SLM), I am going to Tasty Vapor Cherry Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drop as my ADV. It had been #2 on my list so now it is up to #1.

    I got three Hangsen menthols on order (and RY1)... they look interesting BUT... I got 100 MG Nic from MFS and... not sure I like that.

    So, yeah, things are getting a bit complicated here.

    Checking out Mount Baker while writing this and... I guess you can really get the cost down if you go for their large sizes. Volcano for one, does not have large sizes.

    Maybe those that were SLM users themselves, or others that feel they have some information of value, can post here and help us all get through this loss. SLM was a mint-menthol on top of a tobacco flavor... I think it had Ginger in it but that is just a guess.
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    Well, you know The Wiz right? He might have been the biggest SLM vaper... I liked it too... I have tried so many menthols... and the one I suggested to him was Hurricane's winter cured Tobacco...
    Banana Bread Pudding
    (just ignore the fact it says banana bread pudding... it is the correct link to the WCT)
    While it isn't an exact match... it gets some things right that SLM did... 1) it has a very intense and icy menthol hit with a sugary finish.
    2) it has a pungent and rich tobacco base...

    so, try it out - go to Hurrican's site.... you can get a 5ml sample for free... so, go for it...

    I was a SLM lover and this is the closest thing as far as I can tell...

    Other GOOD suggestions:

    Goodejuice's Wrangler light with menthol... a NET... but not a bad replacement for SLM

    That's about it... I can suggest many great menthols (just pm me), but as far as being an SLM replacement, that's about as good as it gets in my experience.

    If you know The Wiz, ask him if he got his Winter cured yet and what he thought about it as a SLM replacement.
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