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Thread: What are your preffered Tobacco Juice? any desciptions?

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    Default What are your preffered Tobacco Juice? any desciptions?

    Halo = torque 56

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    H1N1 (also known as the virus in the family) from Nicoticket

    This is a true flavor morpher. It can go from dry unburnt tobacco to chocolate to cinnamon to maple honey (plus countless other flavors) all in one vape sitting.

    Here is the description from the website...

    You've never tasted anything like H1N1. Some have compared it to a premium RY4 because it has all the essential components (Tobacco, Caramel, Vanilla). I'd stop short of any comparison any other RY4 because "RY4" is the new "vanilla" - there are so many different variations that the name "RY4" communicates less than nothing about the liquid itself.

    The predominant flavor notes depend on device and steep time - many customers have noted that H1N1 "changes flavor profiles more frequently than a teenage drama queen changes clothes." When we say it changes flavor profiles, we mean hourly, not daily or weekly. I'm a humble dude - after all, it's *just* eLiquid... but if I had a masterpiece at this early stage of my vapor chef career, H1N1 is it.

    Early in the life-cycle of H1N1, notes of chocolate, peanuts, and caramel serve to accent an even bodied dry tobacco flavor. There is a faint cinnamon flavor that resides underneath - some taste candy cinnamon, some taste bakery cinnamon - enough to tantalize your taste-buds but not enough to distract you from the main event. This cinnamon flavor is derived entirely from the Naturally Extracted Tobacco - there is no artificial cinnamon flavoring in H1N1.

    Tobacco Absolute (TA) forms the foundation for the tobacco flavor - a Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) blend is gently inserted to give the liquid "legs." The NET component of the liquid takes steep time to emerge, but when it does, you will know it. The TA base will all but disappear and the NET will come to the forefront after a full 6-8 weeks of steeping. It tastes a bit like maple syrup and/or honey when it does being to emerge (some have reported as soon as 2 weeks from the born on date) - it continues to grow in body and texture throughout the process of steeping the liquid until the NET tobacco is the predominant flavor.

    *PG/VG Ratio = 65/35

    *Despite the ample throat hit, it is a very smooth vape.

    *Absolutely delicious right out of the mailbox (making it extremely difficult to steep properly). H1N1 only gets better with time and patience.

    H1N1: Catch it before it catches you.
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    Super Member ECF Veteran fairweasel2323's Avatar
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    Marion, OH


    RY4 and 555 555 has a hazelnut sweet tobacco taste while RY4 its sweet Carmel Vanilla flavor..both from Good e juice .com
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    Nicoticket H1 N1
    hands down.
    The best vape ever.
    and I'm a 'baccy girl.
    I've tried many.
    Impossible to describe. Impossible to put down.

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    valleystream ny


    Ahlusion Smooth Criminal
    After 6 week steep

    Unbeatable, Indescribable, Addictive

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    I really like a Marlboro Red flavor from a local shop in Vegas called Puff Vapors.

    To me it tastes alot like what comes in like the Njoy kings, or the Seminole disposable. Really tastes nothing like a cig to me, but has what I consider the standard fake cig taste. I also find mixing it with other things is really nice, doing half that, and half something fruity in a tank.

    I like it. Its also the first juice that got me off real cigs so Ill always have a certain fondness for it.
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    Laser Gunslinger ECF Veteran
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    Dragon's Fire - Heather's Heavenly Vapes (long steep time)
    Shadow - Heather's Heavenly Vapes (long steep time)
    Dark Horse - Heather's Heavenly Vapes (long steep time)
    Legend - Heather's Heavenly Vapes (long steep time)

    Boba's Bounty - Alien Visions E-Juice (I never let it steep, but still tastes good steeped)

    Torque 56 - Halo (no steep time)
    Tribeca - Halo (no steep time)
    Turkish - Halo (no steep time)

    Eastwood - Indigo Vapor (little to no steep time)
    OOHRAH! - Indigo Vapor (little to no steep time)
    Indigo RY - Indigo Vapor (little to no steep time)
    Dawn to Dusk - Indigo Vapor (not sure about this one, it's still steeping, it's a coffee/cherry tobacco flavor, and it's still kinda chalky, but I tried my friend's after his steeped and it was pretty good).

    Dakota - eVo (no steep time)
    Whisper - eVo (no steep time)

    RY4 - Smokeless Image (I know it's Chinese but it's actually pretty darn good).

    Jango from Seduce Juice is also good, but I've never purchased any, just tried a friend's.
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    Senior Member ECF Veteran zhentipede's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    California, USA


    nice i now have some choices to try out in the vape shops =) thanks for all the replies folks

    keep em' coming... keep vaping!
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