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AnnieP65. Could you give more info on Radioactive? I love Nicoticket but can't vape H1N1 all day. I'm thinking of maybe ordering Radioactive. I mix frenilla now with the H1N1 to smooth it out some.
Its like a vanilla H1N1 but not at the same time

In many ways its more mellow or smoother because it uses the NT awesome vanilla base
but it also has a more distinct tobacco flavor that does not over power

but anything I say will not do it justice you just have to try it its a big winner

and just so you know I didn't really like H1N1 till it steeped 2 1/2 months
this is great out of the mail

So even if you were not a fan of H1N1 this is def worth a shot

even my friend that hates tobacco flavs loves it