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So I was just getting ready to re-order a supply of my go-to from MBV, come to fine out they've discontinued my juice. I've been vaping their Tidewater tobacco for awhile now, and although I have dozens of other juices laying around....I'd say I vape it 90% of the time. I've only fallen in love with two different flavors in the past couple years; Halo's Torque 56, and MBV's Tide water tobacco. I simply can't afford to vape Halo juice all day long anymore, and i'm down to just about 60ml of my tidewater stash.

I'd greatly appreciate it someone can point me in the direction of a cost efficient alternative of MBV's Tidewater tobacco. I'll just be in the corner having a mini panic attack, haha. Thank you!
Try Premium Blend Tobacco from VermillionRivereJuice.com. My ADV, hopefully you'll like it too