VaporRenu: Watermelon & Caffeinated Liquid
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Thread: VaporRenu: Watermelon & Caffeinated Liquid

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    Default VaporRenu: Watermelon & Caffeinated Liquid

    VaporRenu Watermelon
    Mix: 6mg Nic, Renu Custom Blend, Smooth Hit, 80mg Caffeine, Double Flavor
    Devices: 510 w/DT, 306 w/DT, Boge 510 Carto
    Flavor Grade: B-
    Vapor Grade: A
    It’s hard out there for a juice, yo. That’s doubly true for watermelon juices. The flavors tends to be too weak (marketed as “subtle”) or else it smells and tastes like cheap perfume. In my book, watermelon liquids have less street cred than Vanilla Ice. Enter the challenger: VR Watermelon. The taste on inhalation is a bit soft, but it steps up on the rebound. I would defiantly classify it as an “exhale flavor”. The juice does taste pretty good; nice but not great. It’s close to jolly rancher candies, but it’s not a direct hit. Without the double shot of flavor, this probably would have gotten a much lower grade on that end. The vapor production is good. Overall, this is a nice vape. I’ll enjoy it until the bottle runs out, but I probably won’t replace it.
    Final Grade: B

    Caffeinated Liquid
    VaporRenu recently unleashed a new beast: energy juice. For $1 you can now add up to 80mg of caffeine to your 30ml bottle of juice. According to their site, it breaks down to 6.5mg per drag at the “hyper” (80mg) level. By way of comparison, a single serving of Coke has 23mg. A single serving of Rockstar has 80mg. The volume of caffeine coupled with the rapid rate of ingestion possible through this medium are a potent combination. After several long nights of vaping this stuff, I can say that it defiantly works. VaporRenu cautions that caffeine adds a bit of sweetness, but I couldn’t detect it in their Strawberry Banana.

    Author’s Obligatory Postscript Blathering:
    Warning: I am a Juice Snob.
    Unless otherwise specified, all devices are genuine Joye products. I use both auto and manual batteries. I do not use cartridges (cartomizers or direct dripping via drip tip only). I also do not grade throat hit. This is because I deliberately choose options that soften TH to accommodate asthma exacerbated by years of smoking. I hope you've found this review helpful and entertaining.
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    Thanks for the review I'll probably grab a bottle of watermelon soon.

    I got some 0 nic 40mg of caffeine Monster energy drink flavoring single shot 60/40 blend. It tastes just like a monster and the caffeine gives a me a little boost which is perfect. I don't want to get sprung! I'd like to try the 80mg soon though because the 40mg wasn't strong at all, but it's there.

    The flavor for mine came at exhale too.
    I would recommend double or triple shot for this flavor also.

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    Thanks for the review!